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20 July, ‘Negotiating European Borders, Past and Present’, University of Bristol

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3–6 July: International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds 
The Borders and Borderlands research network ran three sessions at the Leeds International Medieval Congress in 2017. Speakers and papers are listed here:

Jonathan M. Wooding, University of Sydney, ‘The Sea as Borderland in Early-Medieval Celtic Britain’

James Clark, University of Exeter, ‘Gloucester’s relations with its Welsh neighbours – the religious communities at Brecon, Ewyas and Newport’

Daniel Davies, University of Pennsylvania, ‘Transnational Exchange and the Auld Alliance: The Case of the Liber Pluscardensis’

Dylan Foster Evans, Cardiff University, ‘Reforming the Welsh Border: Sir John Price and his Commonplace Book’

Gwen Seabourne, University of Bristol, ‘A Hereford Hanging: Records, Reports, and Responses’

Mark Ormrod, University of York, ‘Attitudes to Immigrants in Later Medieval England: A Microhistorical Approach’

Helen Fulton, University of Bristol, ‘Fighting for England, Winning in Wales: Political Poetry and Cross-Border Factionalism in Fifteenth-Century Wales’

Ann Giletti, University of Oxford, ‘Boundaries of Science: Scholastic Branding of Gentile Philosophy as Heresy’

Teresa Witcombe, University of Exeter, ‘Theology over Enemy Borderlines: Translating Ibn Tumart in 13th-century Toledo’

Anke Holdenried, University of Bristol, ‘Negotiating the Boundaries of Time: The Hebrew Prophets and 12th-century Christian Learning’


9 June, ‘Border Spaces and Places’, University of Bristol

Plenary speaker: Professor Keith Lilley (Queen’s University Belfast)

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31 March, ‘Borders Workshop’, University of Bristol

Plenary speaker: Professor David Wallace (University of Pennsylvania)

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12 May, ‘Borders and Borderlands’, Workshop 1

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10 June, ‘Borders and Borderlands’, Workshop 2

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